Our Organisation

ICS (formally Improved Communication Skills) is a national franchise network of specialist training centres. We offer programs for both secondary students and adults that provide a practical and effective approach focused on learning and communication skills.

ICS has been providing training in Australia for over 30 years, with franchised training centres in 30 locations throughout the country. All ICS centres are supported from our head office in Brisbane.

Our Clients

ICS works with thousands of schools and businesses across Australia. In the secondary school arena, 1 in 100 of all secondary students in Australia attend an ICS program. To see some of our clients visit our school and business testimonial pages.

Our Programs

All ICS programs have been developed in Australia for Australian audiences. Our programs can be tailored to meet your needs and are underpinned by the philosophy of providing enjoyable, interactive and relevant training.

Franchisees are fully supported with tutor manuals and student/participant books. All products are updated on a regular basis. Browse through our web site and learn more about our student and business communication skills courses.

Our Delivery

Our trainers have worked with thousands of school students and people at all levels of business - from clerical staff to senior managers - to show them a simple and effective way to enhance their learning and communication skills. The ICS approach provides fast and tangible results that are benefiting individuals and organisations that have participated in our programs.

ICS works very closely with schools to provide programs on school campus’ as either an after-school optional or in-school compulsory program. Holiday programs are also run at many venues across Australia.

Business courses are usually delivered on customer premises at times to suit them. Many centres also run regular public courses.


ICS is a ’mature’ franchise network, with all areas under owner/operator control. However, we have a small but steady turnover of franchise businesses. If you would like to enquire further about the availability of a franchise or to explore employment opportunities with a franchise, contact the Franchisor.

Rose Siva
ICS Australia
Ph 07 3103 4956

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