Advanced Reading Skills

Read faster, retain more, and understand better.
This course has been presented in Secondary schools, universities and business organisations for more than 30 years in Australia and around the world.

"I actually did your speed reading course in Sydney in the early 80's when I was at high school. I found it particularly helpful. I was not a particularly good student back then academically, but now I have a PhD in behavioural science and am the published author of numerous peer-reviewed academic articles - so go figure." Dr. Henry Thomas

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To eliminate poor reading habits and to improve on all levels of reading ability - especially speed, comprehension and retention.

What can you expect?
You will be shown how to:

* Read faster
* Improve comprehension
* Eliminate bad habits that slow your reading rate
* Approach reading tasks with more confidence and flexibility
* Improve your ability to remember important information

The Advanced Reading Skills course is an action-packed learning experience with no extra ’homework’. Personal tuition is provided by ics instructors who use specialised equipment to consolidate theory with interesting exercises. Focus is on your individual progress.

You can attend an after school optional program at many high schools throughout Australia or one of our many school holiday programs. In-school programs are also available.

All Participants receive a Certificate of Achievement.

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