Business Communication Skills

BizComm are ideal for students in the last few years of high school who are undertaking apprenticeships, traineeships or heading into vocational education and the workplace.

By focusing on practical workplace communication needs, this course covers many of the skills defined in the employability skills framework identified by employers as important contributors to a productive and harmonious workplace.

Students actively practice transferring the skills they have learnt in school to the workplace situation and learn how to set themselves up for their professional careers. Units are designed to cover criteria needed to achieve up to Certificate III accreditation.

Units can be presented individually or as a package. Each Unit is ‘stand alone’ and takes between 30 mins to 2 hours, depending on the activities included.

Students complete assessment work as part of each module that becomes part of their portfolio of employability skills.

Employability Skills

Units available

BizComm Writing

  • plain English writing
  • informal, semi-formal, formal language
  • spelling and grammar
  • expanding vocabulary for business use

BizComm Meetings

  • setting up a meeting
  • participating in a meeting
  • minute taking

BizComm Job Descriptions

  • understanding your job
  • filling out forms
  • expectations of the job

BizComm Verbal Communication

  • introductions, questions and answers
  • giving and receiving messages
  • listening skills
  • personal presentations

BizComm Performance Reviews

  • personal reflection
  • review your performance
  • personal interview

BizComm Computer Skills

  • basic computer skills
  • setting up a document
  • spreadsheets
  • templates

BizComm Motivation and Goals

  • set your goals – personal and career
  • what motivates you
  • staying motivated
  • stress management

BizComm Note Taking

  • the need to take notes
  • note taking symbols
  • organising your notes
  • using your notes
  • practical exercises

BizComm Time Management

  • tools for time management
  • diarising
  • prioritising
  • project management

BizComm Workplace Documents

  • formal letters
  • memo
  • fax
  • forms
  • procedures

BizComm Understanding Tasks

  • reading instructions
  • understanding and acting on verbal instructions
  • consequences
  • OH&S activity

BizComm Presentations 

  • planning, preparing and presenting a personal presentation
  • planning, preparing and presenting a group presentation
  • reading comprehension activity