Ipswich Girls Grammar Students

Are You frustrated at school?

Do you want more time for FUN in your life?

Do you want to be more motivated?  

Give yourself a boost with your study

You Are About To Discover How, After 6 Hours Attending Our ics Study Skills Program, Students Can Change Attitudes To Their School Work And Study.

You Will:

  • Become More Confident With Your School Work
  • Complete Your Assignments And Homework With Ease
  • Be Better Prepared For Exams And Assignments
  • Find A Reason And Purpose To Learn
  • Learn The Benefits From Taking Notes In Class
  • Manage Your Time Using Wall Planners And Study Timetables
  • Ease The Stress Of Having To Have Instructions Repeated
  • Write Essays With Structure And Correct Information

Many Students Have Attended Their Younger Years at School Missing Instructions On:

  • Note Taking In Class
  • Timetabling Their Homework and Study
  • Why They should Ask/Answer Questions In Class
  • Studying At Home Effectively
  • Planning And Completing  Assignments On Time

Here are Some Students’ Comments after Completing Our Courses

  • “I’m going to start to prepare during the term instead of just before exams by planning and managing my time”
  • “I will use different types of ways to study, take breaks and set goals”
  • “I will use a plan and do the most important first”
  • “I will manage my time better, be more motivated and balance my life. Also cope with stress better”

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Are You as a Parent Frustrated When Your Child Says

“I’ve Done It” or “I Am Studying”

Only To Find Out Later That Their Time Was Not Productive?

  • Ease Your Stress Of Having To Repeat Yourself
  • Give Your Child The Tools To Complete Work On Time
  • Ensure They Plan Ahead With Their Goals And Set Tasks
  • Students Will Always Want To Find “Meaningful” Distractions
  • They Need Help To “Balance” Their School Work And Social Lives

ics Learning Group is presenting

Senior Study Skills at

Ipswich Girls' Grammar School

Give students an opportunity to make the Year ahead less stressful for themselves and for you

3 Consecutive Tuesdays after School at School

DATES    -  

TIME       - 3.30pm - 5.30pm


FEE        - $121.00

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Website Enrolment and information

Enrol Now!    http://skillscentre.com.au/brisbane-t/

For more information contact icsbrisbane@skillscentre.com.au