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Give Yourself and Your Company the Edge!

In today’s business world the need to read efficiently and write effectively is vital*.

ics is a successful Australian based company that teaches people - at all levels in your organisation - how to write more effectively, read faster and improve comprehension and retention of information.

If any of the following are true, ics has a solution for you.

  • you want to be the best and climb the ladder faster!
  • you've been promoted and want to upgrade your skills to match
  • you spend a lot of time reading and want to make that time really count
  • you procrastinate...
  • you need to refresh/polish your professional writing skills
  • writing reports stresses you out
  • you have always wanted to improve your current skills

Interested? Find out more about our SUPEREAD and SUPERWRITE  PROOFREADING & EDITING  and REPORT WRITING courses or enrol in a course now in:
Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast


Here at ics we believe that reading and writing courses should be considered a basic training requirement. Would you skip training on Occupational Health & Safety?  So why skip training in professional communication skills?

In partnership with ics, your company can:

  • Improve your employees reading and writing skills. Our training packages include measurable results to prove the effectiveness of the training
  • Improve the image of your company by up skilling your employees and polishing their reading and professional writing skills in the workplace.
  • Improve employee retention. Our courses can result in improved employee morale by reducing the stress involved in coping with increasing reading writing in the workplace. 

Consider your partnership with ics as an investment in your people.

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* Technology enhancements have resulted in increased reading and writing loads for most employees.