Can I read faster?

Learning to read

Most of us take reading for granted – and after we have put in the hard yards learning how to read in our early schooling years we don’t develop any further. But, unfortunately for us, some of those techniques we used when we were learning to read (and were very necessary back then) prove to be a hindrance to us as adult readers.  Such techniques as sounding out words and concentrating on each word restrict our speed and our comprehension once we are competent readers.

Un-learning habits

We have been reading this was for a long time – some a lot longer than others! Focussing on each word and sounding out words in our heads has been a way of life, and to give that up takes time and effort. In the Superead course we make participants aware of how they are feeling when they do this, and work through sets of exercises to start to establish a new ‘normal’ behaviour when reading.

Maximising physical abilities

Most of us use our eyes very inefficiently when we read. We have erratic eye movements and again, because of our earlier conditioning to focus on individual words, we don’t make use of our peripheral vision. As part of the Superead course you will do eye exercises to show you how increasing eye efficiency can dramatically increase reading speed.


Maximising attention span

Keeping our mind on task is one of the BIG issues with comprehension. How many times have you had to re-read a passage when you have got to the end of the page and realised you have not understood what you have just read? In the Superead course we spend considerable time going through skills that will assist comprehension. The more we can keep our minds on the job the more we will comprehend.

So – the answer is yes – You CAN read faster and you CAN comprehend more! 


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