How fast do you read?

Most people have not improved their reading skills since they left school - many not since they left primary school!

To find out how fast you read click on the link below, but finish reading this first to find out what to do!

1)      When you access the link click on ‘free reading’ at the top left hand side of the page.  Make sure   ‘Free Reading’ tab is orange.

2)      Click on the second story (The way of Chance)

3)      Click on START. The clock at the bottom of your screen will start counting down from three minutes.

4)      Read for the three minutes, using the NEXT button to change pages.

5)      At the end of three minutes a box will appear asking you to click on the last word you have read.   When you do this your reading speed will appear at the bottom of your screen.


Now click this link.



Note:  This will give you an accurate reading of your free reading rate – NOT your comprehension rate.  To find out your comprehension and overall EFFECTIVE READING RATE you need to attend a Superead course where we will take accurate measurements.


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