Our 10 step plan for offering your students an ics program.

(This can be modified to suit the particular circumstances of your school)

1. You agree to make classroom space available after school.

2. You nominate suitable dates and times which fit in with both our commitments. Usually, we work to a given day of the week over successive weeks. After-school classes usually begin about 10 minutes after the final class for the day.

3. We prepare an information flyer for every student in the year groups nominated.  We ask that these be

  • posted out to parents and/or
  • handed to students in year groups

4. We email copy/course notice to the school newsletter coordinator.

5. If possible, we visit the school to speak to students at the relevant Year levels. This may be done in an assembly, in year-group meetings or by visiting individual classes. We spend 5 to 10 minutes outlining the course and answering any questions.  This is often a good opportunity to hand out course information.

6. Students who wish to enrol do so on-line or send their reply slip and payment directly to our office. No school action is required.

7. Provided sufficient students enrol (minimum is usually 7), the course proceeds. Multiple classes may be organised if the numbers warrant it.

8. We advise the school contact of the names of students enrolled and ask that they put the information supplied on a notice board so students can check their enrolment status and room number.

9. We provide all instruction and all equipment.  All students get a work/reference book

10. We will forward to the Year coordinator/school contact feedback received from the students, graphs of results and, for the reading course,  provide a report of the students improved reading rates.