Leap into Learning [Intoduction to learning skills]

Students experience many changes as they make the transition from Primary School to Secondary School. These two workshops are designed to assist both students and parents during this time.

Student Workshop
This four-hour course is designed to help students with the many changes that occur during the move from Primary to High School, and to introduce them to 'Learning how to Learn' skills. Many students feel anxious with the thought of facing this change – moving to a new environment with new challenges. They may also be facing a new learning situation with new subjects, teachers, and making new friends. Skills such as making and managing a timetable and being organised can be of great help.

Each individual class group is limited to a maximum of 20 students, allowing all students to actively participate. The course workbook becomes a comprehensive reference document for future use.

All Participants receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Workshop Outline
Session 1 – How do you feel – get ready to go!

  • tools for high school - what do we need to know
  • your attitude - how important is it?
  • no excuses - ’just do it’
  • how to set goals
  • how do you learn best

Session 2 - Getting organised

  • getting organised
  • your study area
  • how to plan an assignment
  • managing your time
  • how to make effective notes

Parents’ Workshop

This two-hour workshop is designed specifically for parents who wish to help their students through the transition from primary to secondary learning situations.

Many students (and parents) feel anxious about the changes they will be encountering – issues such as time-tabling, having to move from classroom to classroom and manage increasing school work loads.

This parent workshop is designed to complement the student ‘Leap into Learning’ program, which will help students understand and accept these changes, and give them practical ‘tools’ to cope with the increasing workload.

Each participant receives a workbook, which becomes a comprehensive reference document for future use.

Workshop Outline
This parent workshop is held over two hours.

Aspects include:

  • Understanding study
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Proactive learning skills
  • Goal setting
  • Understanding learning styles
  • Organisation at home
  • Time management

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