How you can help your child at school (ics e-book)

5 things every parent should know to help their child reach their potential

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Free parent tip - Be on the same page as thier teachers

Free parent tip - Stress in Exams

Free parent tip - The reluctant reader


How you can help your child to learn (ics e-book)

Understand their learning preferences and implement strategies to help them succeed at school.  You can help!!

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ics Project Management Pack

Prevent the last minute rush to finish  projects or assignments on time.  This step-by-step guide will help you plan and to stay ahead of deadlines.

What other people have said -

Ruby was so delighted when she came home and opened her mail. This will be great help for her assignments, as the planning is where she became overwhelmed. With your suggestions on how and where to start and finish will be of support to her. We have decided to do up 2nd term with assignments, exams, speaking examinations and homework so she know the overall plan. Working backwards, chunking it down to allocated days and weeks are extremely helpful. Thank you so much, Ruby and Marguerite

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