Do you have a reluctant reader in your house? Do they prefer to be read to? Find reading for school a chore?.

Rarely seen with a book in their hand?


Enjoying reading is a learned skill. Like riding a bike we get better with practice. But it is a catch 22 – the less we practice the slower we improve, and the slower we improve the more frustrated we become.


So how can we get them to practice without it looking like practice?


There are so many opportunities every day. We read everything from the school notice to the cost of fuel at the petrol station. Ask your reader to help you out and read information for you. Make them feel important.

Trick them into reading. Get them to read the cooking instructions for you in the kitchen – off the back of packets or in the recipe book. How much water? How long do I cook this for? Also a good idea when you are shopping.


Try using sibling power - get them to read to a younger/older brother or sister. Bedtime story, homework book...


It is important to set a good reading example – be seen to read. Talk to then about what you are reading. Show them you are interested in and enjoy reading. Have books, magazines and other reading material around the house. 

Remember - reading is about more than text. When you are reading to/reading with your child talk about the other elements – the pictures, diagrams, even the headings and style of text convey meaning


Be a bit of a super sleuth - see if you can entice them to read something they are interested in. It may be Xbox games – is there a book/magazine on the subject? Movie reviews? Motor-bike magazines? Ask the local library for advice. If you can hook your reluctant treader into reading something that has value for them you are on a sure winner!



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