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Open letter to all parents,

Our children didn't arrive with a handbook or a user guide.

Our children didn't arrive with a money back guarantee.

Our children didn't arrive with a return policy - or an on-off switch!

Most of us aren't mind readers, don't have telepathic skills, or fortune tellers. Every day brings new challenges that we often feel less than well equipped to cope with.

There are plenty of sources of information on parenting covering health, physical development and even behaviour. The information on these pages does not cover any of that - it covers ideas a parent can use to help their child cope with the demands of learning in a school context.

Some of the material is free - sign up to our free parents tips and we will email you information on a regular basis.

Other items come at a small charge to cover compilation and in some cases postage.

I hope you find the information useful - and if you have requests for anything specific please let me know.

May you enjoy the journey of parenthood.


Rose Siva



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How you can help your child at school (ics e-book)

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How you can help your child to learn (ics e-book)

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