How you can help your child to learn – understand their learning preferences and implement strategies to help them succeed at school.

Our children did not come with a handbook, and as parents we have to juggle a multitude of roles, including educational support. While most of us depend on the school system to formally educate our children, we still have a responsibility to oversee the process.

This book has been written specifically you, a parent.

Every child has his or her own personal preference on how they prefer to learn. They are probably not aware of those preferences, and share the learning environment with many other children with different preferences.

Our children will spend between a quarter and a third of their lives involved in formal learning, and if they understand how they learn best they will be better equipped to succeed. We can help by understanding and supporting their choices, and encouraging them to use techniques that work for them.

Most books on learning styles are written for
those involved in education!

Very little is available to parents, especially in a ‘common sense’ format. This book is a practical guide you can use to find out what works best for your child, and contains ideas you can use every day to help them on their journey.

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