Superwrite - Report Writing

We write Reports every day. They can range in size from 1 page to 100’s, formal or informal, technical, procedural, business, marketing, research, recommendations, etc, etc. The types are endless and often confusing.

SuperwriteReport Writing is designed to take the confusion out of writing your Reports. It will help you to organise your report according to your work procedures and style, the reason for your Report and its expected outcomes. 


SuperwriteReport Writing clearly outlines the different parts of your reports and gives you the opportunity to practise putting these parts together in a clear and logical sequence. It is very much a ‘hands on’ course, which leaves you with confidence to concentrate on the ‘what’ you put into your Report rather than stress about ‘how’ to put your information together.

Anyone who writes any kind of Report as part of their working week will benefit from this program.

This program will take the stress out of writing your Reports and let you concentrate on your speciality, your subject knowledge!

 SuperwriteReport Writing will help you produce better, more effective Reports.

What can you expect?

You and your staff will be able to:

  • understand what is needed from a Report
  • plan a Report
  • understand the different parts of a Report
  • understand the style of different Reports
  • make effective use of mindmapping and timelines
  • write in plain English
  • understand how to present your report

The SuperwriteReport Writing program is a hands-on skill based program. Our experienced and qualified ics instructors use an original blend of teaching and presentation techniques, including:

  • questionnaires
  • exercises
  • group discussion/brainstorming
  • application to your work-related material

All participants receive a comprehensive workbook which also becomes a future reference document and a Certificate of Completion.

This program is usually conducted in one day, however we can tailor programs to meet your needs.

If after completing our entire program, you feel you have not received good value for money and your written communication skills have not improved, write to us and we will cheerfully refund your money or offer you a complimentary place on another course.