Sample Report

Sample results for: Candidate A:
Assessment date:

Writing Skills

Notes: Tests reflect common errors. All results are expressed as a percentage.

Reading Skills

The range (vertical lines) in each graph is the minimum and maximum levels of participants at the beginning* of training as measured by ics.


  • The graph on the left is a measurement of the number of words read per minute.
  • The graph in the centre is a measurement of the comprehension level of the material read.
  • The graph on the right is a combination of both measurements (above) expressed as an EFFECTIVE READING RATE in words per minute.

Results after completing Reading Skills training as measured by ics in courses delivered:

  • Final speed (range): 258wpm – 1583wpm
  • Final Comprehension (range): - 60% - 100%
  • Final Effective reading rate achieved (range): 210wpm - 1392wpm

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