Are you looking for something different for your school camp? 

School Camp Learning sessions

ics Learning Group is able to offer modules to suit your needs. We can tailor presentations to suit large or small groups, presenting modules that will enhance the learning of your students.

Units of Work
There is a wide range to choose from.
Each unit is approx 50 minutes in length:

  • Multiple Intelligences (including games)
  • Organisation and Motivation
  • Memory Techniques
  • Tools for Time Management
  • Note Taking Skills including PQRST study method
  • Mind Mapping
  • Goal Setting
  • Examination Techniques

Costs is dependant on the number of students, travel requirements, and the number of units you want us to incorporate in the program. Please contact your local ics Centre to discuss your needs.

We are more than happy to work with your school to discuss how we can best help you and your students.

ics Learning Group has been helping students for more than 25 years. Click Here to see testimonials from students attending our courses.

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