Have your ever said...

       "I've been meaning to do this for years..."?

This will be one of the best investments
you will ever make

"Wow wow wow, That was a mind blowing experience yesterday, thank you & Victoria.   I thought I’d be too tired to read on the way home on the Ferry – but all I wanted to do was try out my new skill, so I read to Chapter 5 in a text book I had, plus read the paper plus had time to enjoy the views."
Megan - Sydney Superead participant

"The App is great - I like being challenged and pushed to get faster."
Matt - Gold Coast Superead participant


the Ultimate Speed Reading Course 


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will save you time, and help you focus on key points. 

Maximise your reading comprehension - get maximum information in minimum time

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At a  course you will learn

  • how to overcome the 3 worst reading habits
  • the secret of using your eyes effectively
  • what you should do when you don’t understand a word
  • the right way to search for information
  • why speed reading increases comprehension





Whether your reading is for work, for study, or simply for pleasure,  will show you how to do it better.

The Superead program is an action-packed learning experience. Training is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere with focus on your individual progress.  Our experienced and qualified ics instructors use an original blend of teaching and presentation techniques, involving challenging exercises, specialist reading equipment, individual targets to control progress, quantitative measurements of progress and will show you how to apply these techniques to your work-related material.  You will receive a comprehensive workbook which becomes a future reference document, and a Certificate of Completion.



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