Programs for 2017

At present we do not have any programs being presented to schools as After School Programs

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ESSAY SKILLS for years 9 & 10 students

This course is for students who are keen to improve their essay skills. It provides a step by step approach – from reading and interpreting an essay question to the final draft. This is a practical and rewarding personal development course containing exercises that are designed to encourage specific writing skills.

Topics Covered

  • Interpreting the question
  • Planning your writing
  • Writing an introduction
  • Writing a well structured paragraph
  • Expanding an idea into a sensible paragraph
  • Writing a conclusion
  • Linking ideas

Managing time under examination conditions

Effective Essay Writing- for years 11 & 12 students

This advanced course is for year 11 & 12 students and will be delivered by a highly qualified widely experienced presenter, year 12 examiner and a published author of English texts.

This is a short and intensive 6 hour program designed to familiarise students with the core requirements of essays for each area of study: text analysis, creating and presenting and analysis of media issues.

 The program includes model responses required for both SACs and exams.

 The examples offer a step-by-step guide to assist students in understanding the elements of producing the required texts

 Both the program and the accompanying resources introduce students to simple, time efficient and accessible strategies for approaching each task.

 The work samples include a guide to deconstructing essays and identifying key elements of structure.

The individual models are essential reference and revision material to prepare students to respond to SACs and exam questions.

 Know what you are expected to produce at VCE level to achieve your best results

SENIOR STUDY SKILLS for year 10 - 12 students 

Sharpen your Study Skills !

Learn to be more self confident and independent in your study habits.

This course will reinforce good study habits for well organised students and develop improved study methods for those who find it hard to set priorities or work efficiently to meet subject deadlines.


  • Motivation-developing a positive attitude
  • Organisation -meeting deadlines
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Memory Training -simplifying techniques - causes of forgetting
  • Mind Mapping – a brilliant aid to note taking skills
  • PQRST – a study system
  • Research Skills
  • Exam techniques

STUDY SKILLS & STRATEGIES - for year 8 & 9 students

This course introduces students to the need for independent study sessions in addition to their normal homework assignments. It explains the essential elements needed for effective study. It encourages students to be organised and to manage their time. Students are shown how to make notes and summaries, write essays, improve memory and prepare for tests and exams. The course will reinforce good study habits for well organise students and develop improved study methods for those who find it hard to set priorities or work efficiently to meet deadlines. This is a 6 hour course.

The following areas will be covered.

  • Be in control
  • Developing a positive attitude to study
  • Developing listening and participation skills
  • Setting your own goals
  • Use effective study techniques
  • Being organised
  • Organise your study area
  • Planning your assignments
  • Managing your time
  • Steps in studying - a study method
  • Making notes and summaries
  • Improving your memory
  • Essay writing
  • Preparing for tests and exams


ADVANCED READING SKILLS - for years 10 to 12 students

A most valuable course for all students in year 10, 11 & 12. 

  Sitting UMAT in 2017 - this course is for you!

 Join the 1000’s of students who have learnt how to read efficiently


Learn the art of reading efficiently rather than continuing to read the way you were taught in primary school.

This reading program picks up where formal reading finished.

Unleash your brain’s unused potential and read like you never imagined possible

 Learn how to :

Read to your full potential

  • Read with better understanding
  • Be less fatigued
  • Achieve greater reading efficiency
  • Increase your level of concentration
  • Improve your retention
  • Save many hours of reading time each week.

This is not a remedial reading program. It is a practical and rewarding personal development course aimed at eliminating poor reading habits and improving all levels of reading ability.