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The Fear of Becoming an Expert Leader

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with a single step “ (Chapter 64 of the Dao De Jing)   We need to accept that we all have this other voice that consistently tells us we are inadequate “People become Leaders when they first try to master something for themselves!” At the same time, we have […]

Reinvention – Developing New Skills for The Future

Learn How to Sell in 20 Minutes   Quadrant Selling An easy to learn 4 step approach and applying selling techniques for everyone in your business that talks to prospects or customers Customer service and sales newbies do not like or fear to sell, but unfortunately, they must sell to succeed in their chosen profession […]

Relocation – A Change in Environment Could be a Life Changer

The Liberation of Location During life, nearly all of us go through some difficulties. Some of us, unfortunately, go through serious traumas. Some have PTSD or other mental health issues that are challenging to overcome. I will be open and honest and say that I am Bipolar, suffered Depression in the past, and have PTSD […]